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Dearly Beloved-Earthbound Dearly Beloved-Earthbound

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I don't know man. It was well constructed, I have no gripes about that. It was interesting seeing Earthbound sprites/tiles in a sidescrolling kind of perspective.

But this thing honestly made no sense. It's clearly something very personal and I think in a public format it doesn't translate well. Having something so serious alongside Earthbound pixel art made it seems like a joke almost; I felt like I was waiting for a punchline at the end because Earthbound is such a light-hearted and funny game.

Deadally responds:

I like your observations! While I certainly agree that the use of Earthbound sprites might suggest a joke, there is the very serious and touching underside to Earthbound which is not readily apparent, including the themes of love, friendship, and finding the Sword of Kings :).

I thank everyone who has written reviews so far. They've made me quite happy! Please keep them coming!

Sonic & the 16bit world 4 Sonic & the 16bit world 4

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Another generic sprite movie. All of them are the same.

PS: Zooming extremely close onto something that's only like 20 pixels wide, looks retardedly bad.

Mindy Learns a Moral Mindy Learns a Moral

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I liked it a lot. The animation and art style/quality were top-notch. The plotline reminded me in a lot of ways of Toy Story or The Brave Little Toaster (old possession rejected by its owner, but later recovered)

TmsT responds:

Yep, I was hoping the Toy Story elements would come through! I haven't seen Brave Little Toaster yet, but somehow it made me think of that kind of movie.

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The ghost train The ghost train

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Mixed feelings.

The art was really interesting, I like the use of actual photos in conjunction with drawn art. It was pretty well done in that regard. I also liked the concept of traveling through a funhouse of sorts. The thing that confused/frustrated me a bit was the first exhibit about "Frankenstein the Monster"... I believe the monster had no name, Frankenstein is the doctor. So if anything it was "Frankenstein's Monster". It's really minor and I would've overlooked it, but the fact that you quiz it, and I picked the correct answer (no name) and got it WRONG is a bit frustrating. Don't quiz us on something you don't know.

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xzomxbie responds:

Victor is Victor Frankenstein so in my quiz i asked about a victor name thats all!!!!!!!!!!!!